Go on a "Hotel del Luna" inspired photo shoot with chic vintage pieces from Ikseon Boutique

Filipino K-drama fans can now dress up like their favorite drama characters, thanks to shops offering vintage pieces for rent.

A trip to the South Korean capital of Seoul won't be complete without donning the traditional Korean hanbok, but those who want to try more than traditional clothes can also rent vintage clothes for a photo shoot.

Located in the heart of Ikseondong in Seoul, Ikseon Boutique and Kyungsung Clothes both offer chic vintage pieces for rent.

Fans of Korean dramas like "Hotel del Luna," "Chicago Typewriter" or "Mr. Sunshine," just to name a few, can channel their favorite characters with the right combination of dresses and accessories from the shops.

For KRW 30,000 (approximately P1,300) for three hours, one can choose a complete outfit, which includes clothes and accessories.

Both Ikseon Boutique and Kyungsung also offer simple shoes for an additional fee.

We got to check out what Ikseon Boutique has to offer during a rainy winter day in Seoul.

Since it was raining and there were no other customers, and we got the whole space to ourselves.

Upon arrival in the shop, an English-speaking employee assisted us in choosing our outfit.

Ikseon Boutique has a wide array of vintage dresses, blouses and skirts for women, and suits for men. They also have modern hanboks for those who want something different.

We were asked to pick two outfits, and were allowed to try on both of them.

There will be an additional charge should you opt to try on a third outfit.

We tried on a dark green velvet dress with dainty floral details and a white blouse paired with a long maroon skirt, before finally deciding on the two-piece blouse and skirt outfit since it looked better.

Once we have decided on our final outfit, we were asked to choose from a variety of headpieces, necklaces, bags and even gloves to complete your look.

There are also curling and flat irons, hair pins and even rubber bands available in the accessory room, which was also fitted with a large vintage vanity mirror.

Next to the accessory room is a room where you can take photos in your outfit. Ikseon Boutique also has a tripod on standby for those who might need it.

After choosing your final outfit and taking as many photos as you want inside the shop, you can now go out and have an outdoor photo shoot around the area.

Should you decide to stay indoors, the shop's main "lobby" is also a good spot to take photos in.

Located near Ikseon Boutique is Hotel Seine, a cafe used as a filming location for "Hotel del Luna." There are also a lot of traditional coffee shops and tea houses in the area perfect for photos.

Kyungsung Clothes, meanwhile, has two branches, one in Ikseondong and another in Jongno, near popular tourist spots like Tapgol Park, Insadong and even Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Both Ikseon Boutique and Kyungsung accept walk-ins, but reservations are preferred. Those interested can check their respective websites for details on how to reserve.

(This article was originally published on ABS-CBN News Online.)


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