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Go on a "Hotel del Luna" inspired photo shoot with chic vintage pieces from Ikseon Boutique

Filipino K-drama fans can now dress up like their favorite drama characters, thanks to shops offering vintage pieces for rent. A trip to the South Korean capital of Seoul won't be complete without donning the traditional Korean hanbok, but those who want to try more than traditional clothes can also rent vintage clothes for a photo shoot. Located in the heart of Ikseondong in Seoul, Ikseon Boutique and Kyungsung Clothes both offer chic vintage pieces for rent. Fans of Korean dramas like "Hotel del Luna," "Chicago Typewriter" or "Mr. Sunshine," just to name a few, can channel their favorite characters with the right combination of dresses and accessories from the shops. For KRW 30,000 (approximately P1,300) for three hours, one can choose a complete outfit, which includes clothes and accessories. Both Ikseon Boutique and Kyungsung also offer simple shoes for an additional fee. We got to check out what Ikseon Boutique has to offer d