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Now you can rent an 'unnie' for your beauty needs

Travelling to Seoul? A new tour service lets customers go on a Korean beauty tour with a local female friend. Following the success of its "rent an oppa" service, the people behind Oh My Oppa launched a new service, this time providing their customers with a unique experience with an "unnie." "Unnie" is a term Korean women use to call females older than them. It is similar to the Filipino "ate" or "sister" in English. The idea came to mind after customers started looking for guides they can do some beauty-related activities with. "It would be more certain that we got an idea of hiring female guide from customers who wanted to do some 'girl thing' with Korean local friend," Hyunjung Roh said via email. Screen grab of Oh My Oppa's Instagram page. Activities customers can do with their chosen unnies include shopping for beauty products and clothes, as well as getting beauty treatments. Customers