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Why I love Hongdae

I first visited Seoul two years ago, and while planning for my trip, I decided to stay in Hongdae after reading that it is mostly frequented by students and younger people. I fell in love with Hongdae after watching a young singer performing on the streets. He was performing Don't Forget (잊어버리지마) by Crush (feat. Taeyeon), which was my jam at that time. Since it was my first time in Seoul at that time, I spent a lot of time watching street performers/buskers. On my last day, I spent the whole afternoon watching this group perform. On my second trip to Seoul, I stayed for a few days in Myeongdong. I missed the vibe in Hongdae, and knew that I had to go back the moment I stepped out of my room. Don't get me wrong, Myeongdong is my second favorite place in Seoul, but Hongdae just has a special place in my heart. At that time, I was supposed to stay a few days in Busan, but some unexpected things happened so I ended up transferring from Myeongdong to Hongdae. As