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I booked an "oppa" for my birthday. Here's what happened

It's been almost ten years since I fell in love with everything Korean. Fresh out of college, one of my first jobs is to teach English to Koreans. At first, I told myself that I wouldn't be too involved with the culture. I was studying for my Master's degree at that time and even when I started to fall in love with Korea, I consciously rejected the idea of shifting out of my major (Southeast Asia) to Korean studies. My love for Korea started when a student taught me how to read and write in Korean. Being a history and culture buff, I started falling in love with everything about South Korea with every letter and word I learn from my "teacher." I started listening to K-pop, and then I started watching Korean dramas. I started eating Korean food and even ~daydreamed~ of having a Korean boyfriend. One of the first things I learned about Korean culture is that they take age and titles seriously. Even an age difference of two years would put one at a higher &q