KPop News: BIGBANG's Taeyang, Min Hyo-rin to get married next year

From @__youngbae__ on Instagram

안녕 친구!

Today is happy days for all fans of Korean boy group BIGBANG.

On Instagram, Taeyang, or Dong Young-bae, confirmed reports that he will be marrying his girlfriend of four years, actress Min Hyo-rin.

"Today, I want to share with you guys about the most important and joyful promise I have made in my life. I have pledged to spend the rest of my life with Min Hyorin, the one who has always stuck by me for the past four years," he wrote.

Taeyang also thanked all his supporters and hoped for their continuous support.

"To all the fans who always treated me as if I was family, to all of my Big Bang members, to all of my YG family, to everyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and meet, I want to say THANK YOU. I will continue to live my life with responsibility and humility. My hope is that you will continue to support us and give your blessings for our future ahead as a couple."



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