How KPop helped me learn 한글

안녕 친구!

It's been 10 years since I first learned Korean language. At that time, I was still an online English teacher, and learned the basics of the Korean language for work.

It was also at the same time when I was first exposed to Korean pop music, so I was so eager to learn the language so I can "understand" what I'm listening to.

It was, however, only recently that I studied Korean formally, but years of listening to KPop and watching KDrama really helped.

Here are some KPop songs that helped me in studying the language:


I'm a big fan of this group, and maybe the first word I learned was 거짓말 (lies) because of this song.

NCT 127's 소방차

I discovered NCT 127 on Spotify, and this song gave me major LSS (last song syndrome). I just had to look up what 소방차 means.

EXID's 위아래

Just like NCT 127, I also discovered EXID on Spotify. My language professor uses this song as an example, and it stuck. I think I memorized directions in Korean because of this song.

So for those who think listening to KPop will get you nowhere, think again.


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